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Kou Yamori ( () (モリ) コウ Yamori Kō?) is the protagonist of Call of the Night. He is a human who desires to become a vampire, a task with which he enlists the help of Nazuna Nanakusa.


Kou has a slender build and black eyes with small pupils and hair with a spiky profile. He usually wears black baggy shorts and a plain white shirt underneath a predominantly black jacket with a white stripe down either sleeve. He also wears a pair of white rubber shoes for footwear.


Kou is friendly, liked by most people, and a showcase student. Although he seems to have enjoyed a satisfying and successful life, Kou longs for other things. He dislikes being the center of attention and isn't motivated enough to maintain his excellent school performance. Kou also finds it difficult to sympathize with the other students. He quickly decides to turn away from school life and live a life as a loner. He's mature for his age and doesn't seem to be afraid of many things; for example, he roams the nights alone as a 14-year-old without much fear and gets involved with vampires without further doubt. Moreover, he has conversations with far more experienced and older people without any problems. His mostly sleepless nights prove to be a big problem for him; he can't sleep at all or only a little, so he has a pretty depressing appearance at the beginning. He also desires to become a vampire and does not generally understand the concept of love.


Half-vampire: He can turn into a half-vampire. While the full extent of his abilities isn't clear, it has shown to make him faster and extremely strong, being able to destroy a building with one punch and become more confident. He can't control the ability, but it's shown that he turns into a half-vampire whenever he sees his blood. An example is when Nazuna drank his blood, and he saw some on his hands, and during his fight with Mahiru in which his nose bled.